A Moment Like This: Eternalizing Memories Through A Lens, A Photo Essay

Photography is an intricate combination of technology and art, that allows us to capture different aspects of life. The implementation of photography has changed the course of our history as we know it. We are able to derive emotions, access culture, and relive the moment of photos through the eras. This photo essay will explore the development of photography and the meanings it creates from a variety of photos.
It is important to understand the origin of photography in order to grasp its purpose. There are three main curators that contributed to the invention of photography: Nicéphore Niépce, Louis Daguerre, and Henry Fox Talbot. In 1826, Niépce created the Niépce Heliograph and captured the first photograph. Niépce invention was later outshined by the creation of Daguerre’s daguerreotype. This is the direct-positive process, which created a highly detailed image on a silver-plated copper plate, without the use of a negative. In 1834, Talbot was the first to create and implement the use of negatives. These inventors paved the way for future developments in photography and the images below are stepping stones to what we have today.

Joseph Nicéphore Niépce Vista dalla finestra a Le Gras” By Breve Storia Del Cinema is licensed under Public Domain 1.0

This is the oldest surviving photo of Joseph Niéce (1826c). It took an exposure of about eight hours to make it. It was fixed on a metal plate.

“A picture is worth a thousand words.”

— Fred R. Barnard

From the invention of the first camera in 1816 by Niépce, vintage polaroid cameras, and disposable cameras etc., we now have the ability to capture precious moments with our phones. From beautiful views, delicious food, memorable time with friends and family, and catching a glimpse into our past, we are able to relive every second of our lives. With the access of technology that we have today, it is important to capture every moment so that we can preserve the things that are precious to us. Below are personal examples of photos that I have captured in some of my most memorable moments.

With each photo, I can easily recall the special meaning behind them. Starting from the left, I went to a CSPA-NY Conference that eventually led me on a career path to working in Higher Education. Which leads me to the second photo of the campus of Syracuse University, which was taken on the second day in my new position at the institution. The last image is a picture of my last day in Oswego and finishing up my professional career at SUNY Oswego. It is amazing how each of these photos capture the most important transition in my life.

Delicious Food

Food and drinks from the Cake Bar in Syracuse, NY
Wing flight from Peacock Bar and Grill, Cicero, NY
Waffles from Rise N’ Shine Diner in Syracuse, NY

These pictures were taken with the intent to provide a warm and bright look to keep consistency but make the food more inviting. Behind the pictures of these delicious foods are wonderful moment and times with loved ones.

Beauty of Friendship

I decided to capture and edit the two images below in black and white tones. I purposely did this to emphasize the emotions captured in each photo and not overpower the people in it. With black and white photos, it tells a story, highlighting a subject, and expressing emotions, without the distraction of colors. For those viewing who may not be familiar with me or the people in the images, it invokes the feeling of nostalgia and joy. If I did not capture this moment, I would forget the peaceful moment amongst the stressful times of the semester.

Graduation day – Friends visiting from afar
Pre-Graduation celebration with cohort

I decided to keep these two images in color to not only showcase the people, but put an emphasis on the environment. The photo on the left has a brown undertone in the background, highlighting the warm colors of my friend and I, as well as the clothes we are wearing. While this image was taken back in the fall, it still has a fresh feel to it. I can recall the food I ate, the conversation, and enjoying a break away from campus. As for the image on the right, this picture is of my coworkers and I, in our final times of our previous job. Although the picture is full of smiling faces, there are some sad undertones of departing from friends that bonded in stressful times. I also believe that the images in the background gives an ambiance of the setting, and is a captured moment of an aspect of Oswego that I love.





These next few images are pictures of my family (and dogs) that have been a rock and a support during my time in college. The picture above is a graduation photo with my parents. With the warm tone and us holding hands, it highlights an end of an era and a beginning of another one.

Oreo Cookie

Diamond Rose

I decided to have a close up of my dogs to put an emphasis on their contrasting personalities. Oreo is sweet and attentive while Diamond is simply unbothered.

Joy of Being a Child – A Blast from the Past

As I get older, I have forgotten the simplicity and joy of being a child. Looking back at these photos has reminded me of moments that I put in the back of my mind. But each moment is just as precious and important to me today. With the photo on the left, my mother and I were at the Hard Rock Café and I wanted to be silly and take a picture with an orange in my mouth. With the middle picture, I was an aspiring fashionista and model, and begged my mom to take a picture of my outfit. I thought I looked cute! As for the last image, I do not have a memory of the time of the photo, but I do remember being at my grandma’s house, fighting with my brothers, watching horror movies, and just being a kid.

Without the creation of photography, these precious moments would have never been captured. Without photography we would forget the moments that are special to us and the people that we loved. With the images of my friends and family, I do not know what will happen in the future, but I can look in the past and relive the moment. The creation of photography has greatly impacted our history and allows us to capture the things that are close to us. I encourage you to reflect on the images you have taken and relive those moments. To never be afraid to capture the things that you see and that are precious to you.

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