• Power of Persuasion: The use of Emotional Appeal in Public Service Announcements

    Public Service Announcement One of the most important forms of communication campaigns is Public Service Announcements (PSA). A PSA is a curated message that is shared with the public to raise awareness about a particular issue. One common goal of PSAs is to provide information, however, PSAs can inspire the public to take action or […]

  • A Moment Like This: Eternalizing Memories Through A Lens, A Photo Essay

    Photography is an intricate combination of technology and art, that allows us to capture different aspects of life. The implementation of photography has changed the course of our history as we know it. We are able to derive emotions, access culture, and relive the moment of photos through the eras. This photo essay will explore […]

  • Creative Commons: Use & Remix

    “Flowers” by Martin Höst is licensed under CC BY 2.0 There is always a need to glamorize a blog with pictures to put an emphasis on the content that is shared. Or it is mainly used for creativity and making a blog stand out. However, it is imperative to make sure that the photos that […]

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