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Be a leader not a follower, your destiny is what you make it, and always put God first

~ Mom

Hello! I’m Amber Saint Joy, and I am a proud alumni of SUNY Oswego, with a Bachelors in Communication and Social Interaction, and a Masters in Strategic Communication. I’m passionate about sharing and implementing my knowledge of communication in both a professional and social setting

I want to be able to share my experience of being a young professional and help others in their journey. I would also like to make new connections to gain more knowledge and experience from professionals all around! At this time, I am not looking for another job, but I would love to create a network of individuals to help someone else in their career. Please feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn!


I was born and raised in Long Island NY and I located to the Central New York Area in 2021! Besides my passion for communication, I love making meaningful connections with others and getting to understand the intersectionality that makes up an individual. I believe studying communication has allowed me to continue to make these connections in both a professional and work setting.

In reference to the quote mentioned above, this has been a foundational tool for every areas in my life. In anything that I do, I want to make sure that I am putting God first and staying true to myself. Without the constant reminder of this motto, I do not believe I would be where I am at today.


Other than my passion for communication, I love everything about music! I have always had a knack for picking up an instrument and learning it quickly. Currently, I play the violin, piano, and guitar. I am looking to expand my skills and pick up other instruments overtime. Though I do not do it often, I do compose instrumental music for the violin and piano.

My other passion is for food! Eat, cook, bake, you name it! I love trying new recipes and different restaurants. I even decided to create a food blog on Instagram! Feel free to check it out and follow!



I have 5 years of experience in higher education working in a variety of positions. Throughout my career, I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a Tour Guide, Orientation Leader, Resident Assistant, Assistant Hall Director, and my current position, as a Program Coordinator at Syracuse University.

With my education, I acquired valuable hands on experience that allowed me to produce creative designs and written content both in and out of my classes.

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